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  5. "For two weekends every year, the Empire Polo Club in #Indio, #California transforms into a music oasis in the Californian desert, becoming the #Coachella music festival. Officially founded in 1999, the event features many music genres as well as art sculptures and installations. This image was snapped by LP staffer @aitchgeewizz who attended the second weekend of Coachella. #LonelyPlanet #travel" — via lonelyplanet. http://ift.tt/1hkq6r8


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  10. "We know that opportunities often come our way thanks to the people we know. Unfortunately, many run into a conundrum: in order to meet people, you first need to know people."
    — How To Build Connections When You’re Just Starting Out http://ift.tt/1izmnWz