1. robertpallesen:

    Window, Oceanside, OR
    © Robert Pallesen



  3. "I am better than I was.
    I will be better than I am."
    — (140/365) by (DS)

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  5. jtrend_: “Just get out there #letsgosomewhere” — http://ift.tt/1mrbIN7


  6. andreadabene: “Wanna go to the beach 🌴☀️” — http://ift.tt/1mrbIwz


  7. jaglever: “Rose gold antlers to hang my necklaces on. 😍” — http://ift.tt/1vmCYSe


  8. sevenly: “Finding random things in the office from a while back is the PERFECT situation for a #ThrowbackThursday! 😊 Who remembers (or has?) some of our very first sticker packs or world changer notebook kits?! 👆” — http://ift.tt/1vmCX0G


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